About us

Our History

The seed was planted in 2000 when I began selling vintage Chico's on eBay.  Women were
bidding like crazy on those vintage cotton patterns. Back then there was very little Chico's on
eBay and we always had the largest inventory.   I was constantly on the hunt for more,
literally searching everywhere for those patterns. (Nicole in diapers went everywhere with
me.)  Along the way, I discovered oodles of other boutque, art to wear brands that were just
as sought after-but very hard to find. I shopped everywhere,  ran ads and made house calls
to either buy or consign those wonderous beauties.  Along the way I learned as much as I
could about other brands and eventually realized my destiny...my own consignment shop.  
Shopping countless consignment shops during those quests made it easy to figure out
how I wanted my store to be and what we were going to sell. In March of 2004, What 2 Wear
opened in Cape Coral.  And the rest is history...JoAnne Jenkins